“If you have an interest in the topic of education or if you’re worried that mainstream schooling isn’t working for your kids, it’s well worth a look.”

“Intriguing look at what maybe a better way of teaching kids and the pros and cons related to it.”

“This film is about believing in the power of all kids. Instead of allowing them to pass through an overwhelmed and underdelivering school system, this film shows what happens when you trust children to know their own passions and help them to dream bigger than anything they can see around them. It’s the promise and the potential of the next generation. Believe in them.”

Ann Shoket, former Seventeen Editor-in-Chief and Author

Unschooled is an unflinching yet ultimately hopeful exploration of a complex landscape of questions, challenges, motivations, and fears…(that) us to journey with educators who have differing visions of the type of educational experience that will allow marginalized young people from eastern Philadelphia to succeed. We meet young learners Miles, Jaya and Amani, and their families, and have the opportunity to share their uncertainties, fears, ambivalence and hope, as they grapple with what it means—and what it takes—to take a leap of faith into a radical new vision of what education could be.”

Education Reimagined