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What is Unschooling? A Parent’s Guide to Child-Led Home Education

Women@Work: Giving Your Child the Power to Decide Where/How they learn The Riveter

“With the current pandemic, many families are struggling with homeschooling. Krystal Dillard, co-director of Natural Creativity Center, offers another perspective on homeschooling that allows for young person-led learning that is not only creative, but offers deeper, more internalized “lessons” than virtual or even most in person schooling. She invites you to give yourself and your young person a needed break while also nurturing the curiosity that is intrinsic in childhood.” with Natural Creativity

Directors Tim Grucza and Rachel Beth Anderson  discuss their documentary “Unschooled” as part of their series “South By South Of Houston,” showcasing the films at SXSW. NPR’s All of It

Unschooled at the Columbus International Film Festival April 19, 2020

Exploring Self-directed Learning with the Unschooled Film. Chris Steinmeier and Bonnie Benjamin-Phariss who discuss the documentary and  self-directed learning and the work of the Natural Creativity Center in Philadelphia. Higher Ed Geek, May 27, 2020.