Imagine a world where learning and education are about thriving, not just surviving. Picture a future in which every child has access to learner-centered environments where they are valued as unique individuals, their agency and passions are cultivated and their learning is nurtured in caring communities.

This is a future in which every educator, family, and community is supported and empowered to make the difference they are committed to make for young people.

The power of the stories in Unschooled is just the beginning. The impact campaign leverages the film to ignite interest around the promise, opportunities and success stories of self-directed education to deepen an understanding of what is possible and to celebrate best practices. Through national, regional and grassroots partnerships, screenings will be organized across the country to create space for discussion and to give rise to learner-centered environments across the globe. We are deploying a broad and diverse constituency of voices and advocates of young people, parents, educators, teachers, influencers, social justice leaders and philanthropists to join in the rallying cry that every child deserves a learning environment where they can thrive.

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